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Physical Therapy : Importance Of Exercises

Physical therapy exercises have a major role to play in the recovery plan for any injury or accident. They are directed towards specific functional objectives. For instance, restoring muscular and skeletal function, increasing circulation, reducing muscle spasms and improving overall strength and well-being. Gone are the days when a patient was told to simply rest. In some cases for two or three weeks, sometimes even longer after an injury.

Advanced physical therapy exercises are now a part of a comprehensive therapeutic treatment plan. It has in fact become an important modality in managing musculoskeletal conditions. These days, physical therapy exercises constitute a significant part of the recovery plan post injury or trauma. There are various reasons why you should include Physical therapy exercises in your recovery plan. Here are the reasons you should have to keep moving for better recovery and overall strength –

Physical Therapy Helps Reduce or eliminates pain

The exercises like joint or soft tissue mobilization helps in reducing pain and restoring joint and muscle function. It also helps in preventing the pain from returning.

Avoids surgery

There are instances when these exercises can eliminate the pain and heal the injury, thereby avoiding the surgery and its associated risks.

Physical Therapy Improves mobility

Irrespective of age or gender, mobility issues like standing, walking, or moving can hit anyone. Strengthening and stretching exercises in Physical therapy helps in restoring the ability to move.

Recovery from a sports injury

A good Physical Therapist understands how different sports can increase the chances of sports injury and therefore, they can lay out an appropriate recovery plan based on your injury and medical condition.

Improves balance and prevents fall

The therapy assesses your vulnerability to falls and associated risks. Your Physical Therapist will provide appropriate exercises to improve balance and coordination for safe walking.

Manages diabetes and vascular conditions

The exercises can be a part of the overall diabetes management program. People suffering from diabetes face troubling sensation in feet and legs. They can be benefitted from these exercises in ensuring proper foot care.

Manages age-related issues

As a person ages, he/she may develop complications like arthritis, osteoporosis or joint replacement. These exercises can help patients recover from such age-related disorders.

Physical Therapy Helps Recover from a stroke

Many people experience losing some degree of function and movement after stroke. Physical therapy exercises help in strengthening the weakened body parts and improve strength and balance. Your Physical Therapist will also work in improving your ability to move around so that you can be more independent at home and take care of yourself without being dependent on anyone.


Manages heart and lung diseases

After a heart attack, though the patient may complete cardiac rehabilitation, he/she may need physical therapy if the daily functioning is affected. Physical therapy exercises also help in improving lung capacity through breathing exercises, conditioning, strengthening, and clearing the fluids in the lungs.

Improves women’s health and other conditions

Women face specific health conditions like pregnancy and post-partum care. Physical therapy exercises for women help in managing specialized issues related to women’s health. Physical therapy also provides specific treatment for medical conditions like breast cancer, bowel incontinence, constipation, lymphedema, fibromyalgia, etc.

Proactive Physical Therapy offers a host of services to help you recover from injury or medical conditions. You can also consult our Physical Therapists online through a secure video conference platform in the comfort of your home or office. Based on your condition, our Physical Therapist will develop a detailed and personalized program targeted to your requirements. This will include various physical therapy exercises aimed at the difficulties experienced by you. Physical therapy exercises have two main objectives –

• Lubricate joint surfaces

• Maintain and increase range of motion

If you feel or experience any pain in the body, please contact us and speak to our skilled and experienced Physical Therapists for an expert opinion.