Unlocking Mobility: How Physiotherapy Services Can Transform Your Life

Lack of mobility can have detrimental physical and psychological effects. Physical health candeteriorate due to muscle weakness, joint stiffness, and decreased balance and coordination. Thiscan lead to increased risk of falls and injuries, as well as a decline in cardiovascular health and overallfitness. Furthermore, limited mobility can result in feelings of frustration, sadness, and isolation, […]

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What All Things Are Done In Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is the study of science of movements. It is a healthcare profession that includes different treatment modalities like joint mobilization, electrotherapy, heat therapy, exercises, patient awareness and advice for treating an ailment, deformity or injury. When Should I Go To A Physical Therapist? This is a very common yet important question. If you […]

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Benefits Of Physical Therapy

WHY PHYSICAL THERAPY? To know the benefits of physical therapy, you should get into the details of physical therapy. It is a highly beneficial niche treatment of injury, disorder and disease. Using specific physical methods, it aids in restoring the mobility, function and movement in the affected area. Physical Therapy uses experimented and researched information […]

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Type Of Physical Therapy Exercises

There are various types of physical therapy exercises that help in achieving both of these objectives. Musculoskeletal physical therapy Also known as orthopedic physical therapy, this treatment falls under the category that aims to restore the functioning of the musculoskeletal system, including muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, and bones. Musculoskeletal physical therapy focuses on – Geriatric […]

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Physical Therapy : Importance Of Exercises

Physical therapy exercises have a major role to play in the recovery plan for any injury or accident. They are directed towards specific functional objectives. For instance, restoring muscular and skeletal function, increasing circulation, reducing muscle spasms and improving overall strength and well-being. Gone are the days when a patient was told to simply rest. […]

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Pro Active Physical Therapy for Elderly

How does Pro Active Physical Therapy help? The first goal is to reduce pain and swelling if there is any. Then the next step is to increase flexibility, strength, coordination and balance, this may involve stretching, lifting weights, walking, manual therapy, and electrical stimulation among others. The goal of Pro Active Physical therapy for seniors […]

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