Is your sore Shoulder giving you a hard time?

Sometimes you wake up with little or strenuous pain in the shoulder and you wonder, last night I was all fine but why is it happening now? The un-invited shoulder pain can be the result of an intense dance lesson from last week, a strenuous workout, or even sleeping in an incorrect position. Not being able to figure it out, you carry on with your day, all the while noticing that something is feeling off.

You might be ignoring this for a while but sometimes ignorance is not bliss. Below are a few reasons of random shoulder pain or a sore shoulder.

  1. Referred Pain –

    Many people come to our clinic complaining about their sore shoulder, but after a thorough examination we realize that the pain is referred from their neck. It is important to see a physical therapist  who understands this link and offers the right treatment.

    Shoulder impingement –

  2. Sleeping on one side or on one arm can result in shoulder impingement. There can be other reasons for shoulder impingement such as excessive shoulder movements, ligament laxity, muscular weakness around the joint, poor posture, previous injury, etc.
  3. Rotator Cuff Tendonitis –

    Quite often the reason for rotator cuff tendonitis is when the rotator cuff tendons in the shoulder are overworked or strained. You might hear a snapping sound in shoulder movement. Exerting pressure on the shoulder, incorrect sleep or poor shoulder mechanics are some other reasons of this condition.

  4. Scapular Dyskinesis –

    It is also known as chicken wing shoulder blades. Poor muscular control of your shoulder blades might occur due to this condition. There can be muscle pain or joint pain around the scapula when carrying heavy objects.

  5. Thoracic Spine Stiffness –

    The stiffness in the thoracic spine is mainly caused by lack of movement or prolonged sitting, which is more likely to happen since more people are having sedentary jobs. In such cases, we tend to round our shoulders more, which eventually puts too much stress on underlying structures.

There can be a few simple steps, which you can take to get some relief.

  • Avoid intense activities
  • Maintain a proper posture
  • Don’t sleep with your elbow over your head; this can compress the tendons of the shoulder and increase your pain.

We, at SV proactive do a thorough examination of shoulder and create a comprehensive treatment plan for your pain. Our treatment will involve a combination of hands-on manual therapy techniques as well as a custom exercise plan to help you on your road to recovery. Then what are you waiting for? don’t let Your sore shoulder hinder in your day to day activities. Get the relief today.