Pro Active physical therapy Therapy and its Uses

Pro Active physical therapy may not be the first choice of treatment for many but often, people who have suffered injuries and are suffering from chronic pain or restricted range of motion are treated well with physical therapy. A belief has been created in several people’s mind that surgery is a faster and more effective way to treat the problem. However, doctors refer patients to a physical therapist as the first course of action to avoid hassle in surgery.

But that’s not all. Pro Active physical therapy also has several other advantages that can be attested as effective as other courses of treatment, or even better. In physical therapy, trained professionals also known as physical therapists evaluate and treat abnormal physical functions related to an injury, disability, disease or condition.

Pro Active Physical therapy includes:

  • Diagnosis and management of movement dysfunction and enhancement of physical and functional abilities.

  • Restoring, Maintaining, and promoting finest wellness, fitness and quality of life.

  • Prevention of symptoms, and progression of impairments, functional limitations, and disabilities that may have been resulted from diseases, disorders, conditions, or injuries.

Benefits of Pro Active Physical Therapy

Depending on the condition, therapy and treatment plans are curated:

  • Pain management

  • Surgery avoidance

  • Improvement in mobility and range of motion

  • Recovery from injury or trauma

Recovery from stroke or paralysis

  • Fall prevention

  • Improved balance

  • Management of age-related medical problems

Types of Physical therapy:

The above mentioned benefits are just some from a long list. There are several types of physical therapies present, for range of conditions such as:

  • Orthopedic physical therapy

  • Neurological physical therapy

  • Geriatric physical therapy

  • Cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation

  • Pediatric physical therapy

  • Wound care therapy

  • Vestibular therapy

  • Decongestive therapy

  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation

Pro Active physical therapy is not just an alternative course of treatment; it offers varied benefits for people from all walks of life, right from athletes and sportspersons to people suffering from a range of health issues.

A Physical Therapist

A physical therapist is a qualified and licensed medical professional with experience in diagnosing physical abnormalities, restoring physical function and mobility, maintaining physical function, and promoting physical activity and proper function. As vital participants in the healthcare space, physical therapists assume leadership roles in rehabilitation, in prevention, health maintenance, and programs that promote health, wellness, and fitness.