Pre And Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Pre And Post-Surgical Rehabilitation, Sunnyvale

post-Operative Surgical rehabilitation is performed to regain motion and strength. It is not hard to face the reality that surgery can be an intimidating affair. It’s a challenge to withhold not only the recovery even the preparation takes a toll on people’s mind and body. If you are one of the prospects who is going to face surgery or recovering from surgery Proactive Physical therapy, Sunnyvale can help you to get relief from pain and injuries. Pro-active physical therapy can be your partner to prepare and recover from surgeries, replacements, or any severe operation. According to the individual needs of the patients the most effective therapy is recognized to help you improve range of motion and gain strength and endurance.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

What is Pre & Post-Surgical Rehabilitation?

Pre-Operative rehabilitation prepares you to have great outcome after surgery. It prepares you mentally for surgery, improves muscular control of joints, and improves overall wellbeing and fitness.

On the other hand post-Operative rehabilitation is Useful to regain motion and strength. Physical therapists occupy expertise to help you recover from injuries and pain. Post-surgery healing can only be done if the right medicine and exercises are taken and performed. It helps in balancing movements, strengthening muscles, flexing range of motion and much more.

Why choose Sunnyvale physical therapy at Pro-active?

Our Therapists in pre surgical rehab makes sure that the surgical procedure for you goes as smooth as possible. We train and educate patients on surgery, exercises, motions, actions, precautions and provide training for best results. We prioritize your needs for the best rehabilitation possible.

Post-surgery real goals are to reduce pain, promote tissue healing, and build strength. We can help you attain normal function as soon as possible and ensures comprehensive and integrative care every step of the way. To get fast relief/for any consultancy related to pre and post surgical rehabilitation contact Pro-Active Physical Therapy, Inc., “Arques Plaza”, 1208 E. Arques Ave., Suite 115, Sunnyvale, CA 94085