Physical Therapy for older adults

Role of Physical Therapy in Fall Prevention for Older Adults

Falls are a significant health concern for older adults, often resulting in injuries, hospitalizations, and a decline in quality of life. However, there are proactive measures that can significantly reduce the risk of falls, such as exercise and physical therapy. In this blog, we will explore the crucial role of exercise and physical therapy in […]

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Geriatric Rehabilitation

SV Proactive offers Geriatric Rehabilitation for Seniors Above 65 with Medicare, in Sunnyvale – California

As the sun-drenched city of Sunnyvale, California, welcomes the golden era of life, seniors aged 65 and above embark on a journey of wellness and vitality through specialized geriatric rehabilitation services. This blog sheds light on the transformative impact of physiotherapy for the senior community in Sunnyvale. It focusses specially on those leveraging Medicare insurance […]

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Geriatric Physical Therapy-Facts & Information

Geriatric Physical Therapy at SV Proactive, Sunnyvale As the body enters old age, it undergoes wear and tear. Geriatric Physical Therapy for Elderly should then be considered, It’s a normal process and happens with everyone but sometimes it leads to pain and disability, causing patients to limited range of motion or all together stop doing […]

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