Orthotics are devices which support or correct the function of a limb or the torso. Orthotics can decrease pain, not only in the foot, but in other parts of the body such as the knee, hip and lower back. They can also increase stability in an unstable joint, prevent a deformed foot from developing additional problems, and improve quality of life overall.

The TOG GaitScanTM system at Proactive Physical Therapy is the most technologically advanced gait analysis system available and it has been designed to move you to the forefront of orthotic therapy and patient education.


Custom-Fit Braces

Proactive Physical Therapy offers a range of custom-fit braces like:

  • Wrist Supports & Wrist Braces for Carpal Tunnel, Sprains, Tendonitis, DeQuevain’s Brace
  • Elbow Supports & Elbow Braces for Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow, Tendonitis, Sprains
  • Ankle Braces & Ankle Supports for Sprained ankle, Ankle pain
  • Knee Braces & Knee Supports for all types of Knee pain
  • Back Braces & Back Supports for Back pain and Back pain prevention

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