What our patients say about us

Pro-Active Physical Therapy helped me recover from my sports injuries and perform my best. Nupur and her team were very supportive and extremely helpful. I will always be thankful to them for teaching me lost of great exercises to heal my injuries and prevent future ones. Thank You Pro-Active team! I would not have done it without you!

– Sabina.

I whole heartedly trust Nupur and her staff with helping me heal my body back to where it should be.

– Kevin.

I can never thank Nupur & her team at Pro-Active Physical Therapy enough. “Competent” is not the word & does not effectively articulate the amount expertise, knowledge & passion Nupur possesses for her profession. What she is able to do through releasing muscles & physical therapy is truly an art. She doesn’t babble & toss out medical & technical terminology. She takes her time & explains the issue in layman’s terms, in a personable manner so you can understand what has occurred, why this has occurred, what it is affecting, how it can be made better. Her team is courteous & professional. They work with most insurance companies & the office atmosphere promotes an environment of healing. Nupur doesn’t overwhelm you by assigning multiple or overly complicated exercises that consume the majority of your day as she understands the time restraints & demands of living in Silicon Valley places on her clientele. With this in mind she takes a time managed approached by assigning two to three exercises per session that only take about ten minutes to complete.


   September 13, 2015
I’ve been to several physical therapists over the years, but Nupur and her team are really top notch. They are not your ‘average’ clinicians, and actually do the hands’ on work that many other PTs won’t or don’t do — therapy to loosen the muscles, revamping the protocol depending on how fast or slow you are improving, using a variety of techniques that showed thought — a real rarity.

– Jan B.

   May 24, 2015
I have only been to Nupur once so far for an evaluation but it was the most progress I’ve made and the most informed I’ve felt in 10 YEARS. She is open and friendly. She is not pushy and does not make you feel rushed. She listens well and speaks well and explains everything to you as an equal.

– Nichole V.

   January 11, 2015
What I really like about Nupur’s approach is that she looks at the whole body and not just the problem area. She also made me work on my core and stretch my thighs and pelvic muscles and build strength in them, something that is required to hold the body right and not over strain some parts or muscles. I trust her with my life and she is an extremely talented and hard working person, who loves her job and making patients feel better is her passion.

– Anupama N.

   December 19, 2014