Physical Therapy for Neck and Back Pain

What are some common Physical Therapy practices to relieve neck or back pain?

At Proactive Physical Therapy we aim to locate the root cause of the neck or back pain rather than simply manage symptoms. Generally, the origin of pain in the neck and back is in its supporting structures such as the spinal joints, discs or muscles. The adjoining muscles and ligaments may become inflamed and irritated, and spinal posture may become misaligned causing pain and discomfort during any movement. Often, it also requires investigating lifestyle choices, ergonomic set-ups and recreational activities.  

How do we find the solution that’s right for you?

Physical Therapy takes a holistic approach to helping your body recover from neck and back pain, often allowing patients to reduce drug dependency and resume a healthy lifestyle. At Proactive Physical Therapy in Sunnyvale, your neck and back are extensively evaluated by a Physical Therapy who has extensive manual therapy and evidence based therapeutic exercises. Your Physical Therapist will be with you throughout the entirety of your plan of care, eventually allowing you to attain long lasting relief, normal mobility, and improved healthy function. The treatment plan may include procedures to relieve pain, specialized manual therapy techniques like soft-tissue work, guided stretching/strengthening, and mobilization to increase  joint mobility and specific corrective spinal exercises to rebuild your spinal strength and posture.  

When do we know it’s time to see a Physical for my back/neck pain?

Usually, if a sudden pain arises and does not fade away on its own after a week, it is a good idea to see a Physical Therapist at Proactive, Sunnyvale. Additionally, if pain or lack of mobility has affected your recreational activities, work or sleep it may be an indicator that it is time to begin physical therapy.