Motor Vehicle Rehabilitation
Motor vehicle crashes can have distressing effects on many muscles and organs of the body. In a car crash major trauma, tearing, muscle pain, and injuries are commonly seen. The injuries or pain that people suffer can vary from minor to major and may require specialized or a combination of therapies. However, the vital demands of work, school, college, and family responsibilities can make it hard to attend physical therapy. But to take control of the life back it is necessary to understand the rehab process and Physical therapy present in Sunnyvale.

What is Motor Vehicle Rehabilitation?

It is the most effective way to return you to the physical state you were in before the unfortunate accident. It involves a blend of Physical therapy, massage therapy, and active rehabilitation. It provides relief from pain and allows people to get back to their normal routine.

Why Proactive physical therapy?

We treat patients who suffered Whiplash (a type of neck injury), leg and knee injuries, muscle strains, back injuries, concussions and major traumas. Initially gentle exercises are asked to prevent stiffness then gradually it moves to strengthening exercises. Depending on the patients, therapy is tailored to the individual patient needs. Some injuries such as whiplash which causes soft tissue pain can lead to a decrease in range of movement of the neck, hence physical therapy intervention becomes necessary. The therapy includes massage, heat, gentle joint mobilization and stretching to relieve pain while restoring normal movement and muscular control at the same time. Motor Vehicle Rehabilitation can minimalize or eliminate the effects of disability resulting from the injuries or pain. And it helps in reintegrating into a family or community role.