Ergonomic Setup By Proactive Physical Therapy

Struggling to figure out a safe home office setup? We can help!

Proactive Physical Therapy has worked with people to help them with a wide array of aches and pains.  So often, we hear that people suffered from pain for months prior to finally seeking the care they need, often believing that things would either resolve themselves on their own or that the exercises they googled would help.  This issue is that in order to make something better, it must be properly evaluated and assessed by someone with the proper expertise.  Licensed Physical Therapists at ProActive have proven themselves as movement, postural, and ergonomics experts.

Shelter in place has left many of you working from home, often with work set-ups that can either cause or aggravate underlying postural and muscular dysfunctions including low back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain. A proper ergonomic workstation is a preventative and necessary first step to living pain-free and adjusting to a new work situation. Our Telehealth Experience enables you to connect with a skilled physical therapist who is able to answer all of your questions, assess basic strength, flexibility, and body mechanics tendencies right through the video on your phone, tablet or computer.  We can then provide individualized tips for setup recommendations tailored to your living situation, exercises and are equipped to provide you the tips you need to get on track and back to the lifestyle you deserve

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